“A moment whiltht I adjutht my accoutrementh.”

In Dripalong Daffy, the immortal D. Duck sports a grotesquely outsized pair of chaps with two gun holsters attached. Fast-drawing his shootin’ arns, he rips off the chaps, exposing his boisterous undershorts. His next line is the title of this post.

That’s what I’m doing with this brand-new blog. Though the WordPress design system is as easy to use as advertised, I’m still lip-reading my way through it. Stay tuned for further electrifying improvements over the next few days (assuming you haven’t got a life). I promised some simple word definitions to be used in this blog, but I’m trying to figure out how to stuff them up the left-hand column, so they’ll stick around instead of sinking into the compost of aging epistles.

Meanwhile, how about embarrassment? Why is it so funny to some people and so painful to others (like me)? The audience all around me is creasing itself with laughter at the humiliation of some poor schlub on the screen, while I close my eyes and hum Rock of Ages to handle my acute physical response to this torture.


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